“MacBook Thin” Rumor A Bit More Believable Now

/ 2 July 2007

In recent months the rumor of a “MacBook Thin” has been floating around the net. That rumor made me a bit worried for some odd reason because of what some of the key features were rumored to be (no optical drive, no hard disk). Well, actually I was shocked that Apple might make a computer like that. Today I read on ARS Technica that there’s another rumor that helps to solidify the “MacBook Thin” one. That rumor is that the MacBooks will not only get thinner but also gain the multi-touch that the iPhone has. These are said to be released (if this is all true) in October. If that’s the case then Apple might expect to have 10.5 Leopard pre-installed so the lack of optical drive isn’t an issue for OS upgrades until 10.6 in the far future.

Of course this whole entry has been written based on many rumors from various sources so don’t count it as true until there can be proof of it all coming straight from Apple. Enjoy, Alex