NXT And Robolab Work Fine

/ 1 July 2007

In my experience just now downloading a prgm to my NXT it all went fine. My only worry is that every so often (okay, once a day when using Robolab) Robolab 2.9 unexpectedly quits. My only guess for that is that Rossetta has some trouble loading in the Fantom and LegoTower drivers to Robolab for the RCX, Scout, and NXT. But once Robolab 2.9 is safely open then all works well (writing, download, iSight, etc.). Plus, Robolab 2.9 is my only real experience with running Rossetta since as far as I know it’s the only PPC-specific application that I have on my MacBook. But it does make me feel much better about RCX support as well now that I’ve gotten it to control and download to my NXT. Enjoy, Alex!