iTunes 7.3 (iPhone Support) Released

/ 29 June 2007

Just now (this was the 5th software update check I did today) Apple released iTunes v7.3 (just hours before they release the iPhone at 6 pm their time) that enables us to sync and use iPhones with our macs. The only hints to iPhone support I can see in the interface of iTunes are the “iPhone” tab in the iTunes preferences window. In that tab is a list of iPhones that get backed up to this computer with the ability to remove the backup, and stop automatic syncing of iPhones entirely. There is also a “iPhone Help” item in the “Help” menu of iTunes. In that help file, the only web link that actually works on as of this writing is the “About iPhone” link, all the others return a page saying that the page you were trying to locate wasn’t found on Aside from those two interface elements there is no other sign of the iPhone in the interface of iTunes. During the installation it went though the steps saying “Downloading iTunes 7.3” then “Installing iTunes” then “Installing Apple mobile device support”. All my iTunes plug-ins still work which is quite nice and the iTunes plist files didn’t get corrupted during the update. Aside from iPhone support it doesn’t look like Apple added extra features into iTunes 7.3. Enjoy, Alex