A Few Cool Free 3rd Party Things For Mac OS X To Note

/ 25 June 2007

Recently I stumbled across a developer’s website which had many cool things on it for free download for Mac OS X. The key ones that I downloaded were a prefpane called “Volumizer” who’s only job is to make it quick and easy to accsess any mounted volume on your mac. It does this by enabling you to either have the volumes show up in your Dock or by displaying a menu item in the menu-bar that has menu items in it for every mounted volume on your mac. I chose to use the menu item so that my Dock doesn’t get filled up with volumes all the time. The second thing I downloaded from this guy’s website was a screensaver called “FadingImages”. The screensaver lets you choose a folder of pictures (I picked ~/Pictures/Photo Booth) that it then displays and fades out so randomly that you hardly ever see the same combination of pictures twice. The thrid thing I downloaded was a iTunes plug-in called “DockArt” whose job it is to display the album art of the currently playing song as the dock icon for iTunes. If no music is currently playing then it just shows the real icon for iTunes. I changed it’s setting so that it would add on top of the artwork the real iTunes icon as a reminder to me of what application it is in my dock and I also set it to skew the artwork so that it fit better in my dock alongside the other application icons. Those were all the apps and plugins that I thought would be nice and useful to me that this guy makes. Enjoy, Alex