Radio Play From 7th Grade To Accompany Essay For This Week

/ 23 June 2007

The original radio play that I baded my essay for this week on is in the extended section of this blog post so you can read it alongside my essay for this week. Enjoy, Alex Scene One

Brad: Good-morning Escome. Escome: Good-morning Winton. Winton: Good-morning to you guys as well. Escome: Sit, and eat before your hike. Brad: That was a nice breakfast. Winton: We got to get on with the hike. Escome: So, see you when you get to the city. Brad: Yes, if I’m alive. Winton: Oh, you will. Escome, meet us at the University in about 2 and a half weeks. Brad: Can we just get on with this hike. Winton: Fine. On straight for about one day.

Scene Two

Brad: Well this heavy mud is hard to get though. Winton: Well, at least it’s not a section of deep pond or quicksand. Brad: Yeah, I get your point. Winton: By the way, we are at the edge of the most ancient cliff in the woods. Which is full of cliffs, by the way. Brad: I feel like we are lost. Winton: No. We have to just follow this path, which I think leads to some street two weeks into the future. Brad: These two weeks have been sincerely deadly, just on my mind. Winton: Where are you Brad. Brad: Help, I’m stuck under this maple tree. Winton: Oh, are you all right, Brad. Brad: Yes, but I think this big maple tree has fallen on the only visible exit from this path to the inner woods. Winton: Well, lets just try to climb over it. Brad: Can you go first and make sure it is safe and that it actually gets us out. Winton: Okay, but can you keep a look out then for that hale that almost dragged you to death. Brad: Fine Winton: See you in a while. Brad: Fine, see you later. Winton: This is a hollow tree, knife please. Brad: Here you are. Winton: Thanks, this is working well. I found a way to cut directly though the log front, and then I can go down a few feet and cut out though to the other side to reach the path to the street, as it turns out this path is. Brad: Well get on with it then. Winton: Fine, but it will take about 5 minutes in all. Brad: Nice job, is it safe? Winton: I think it is as unsafe as it can get. Brad: Why? Winton: I think it wasn’t you that knocked this tree down, a hawk is nested in here, but it is a baby. Brad: Then it should be safe, here I go. Winton: Oh, but I will go ahead to make sure it still is safe. Brad: Fine. Winton: By the way I will be waiting on the street, which is two feet from the third tree out of this log. Brad: Fine, see you then. Winton: Good. Brad: Boy after two weeks lost in the woods the sound of the street cars and cars sounds good. Winton: Good Brad: But it will always annoy me that you got me thrown off that cliff way back there. Winton: Yeah you know, I think I should say something to you. Brad: Yeah, like what. Winton: Try, say, sorry. Would that be a good thing to say. Brad: Sure, I forgive you. Winton: All right. Want to come over for a good “cooked” dinner. Brad: As long as it is actually going to be cooked. And as long as it is purely meat. Winton: I would have done that anyway. Brad: So what time. Winton: I was thinking in 20 minutes. 10 for me to get to my house, 10 for me to cook. Brad: 2341 Winsworth st., right. Winton: Yeah, that’s right. Brad: Then see you in 20 minutes in your big dinning room. Which is gladly inside your house. Winton: Good-bye.

Scene Three

Escome: Hey, how was that hike of yours Winton. Winton: Fine, I got to kick Brad off a 2,000,000,000 feet high cliff. Escome: That doesn’t sound good at all. Winton: Well, he hated me until about 20 minutes ago. Escome: Oh. Winton: Want to come and help me cook dinner. Escome: So this is where you live. What a good mansion. Winton: Yeah, after I went to collage, and left you and mom alone I got over 1 million dollars to build the street and this house-castle thing. Escome: Mind if your butler shows me around. Winton: Be back in five for dinner. Escome: See, you in five then. Winton: So, milk, eggs, salt, salsa, and the cookbook.

Scene Four

Brad: So, where in this castle is the dinning room. Winton: It is about 20 miles to the left, then 4 stories up the left side stairs, then about 1 mile to your right, and though the 35 piece doors, Escome should be there already, I’ll be there along with my 300 person staff in about 5 minutes. Brad: So, Escome, this is the largest dinning room that I have ever seen. And that is saying something. Escome: Yeah, my brother has good taste in the use of the 2/3 of the city his house takes up, and the moving walkways are his private way of getting around this 390 x 4,000 mile house. Brad: I had no idea Winto… Winton: Dinner is served. Brad: This is the best meat loaf and tuna pasta salad I have ever tasted. Winton: So, I told you a year ago that Escome and I are siblings. Escome: As well we are only 5 minutes apart in how old we are. Brad: That is a very interesting thing I have learned during this dinner, the lemonade is a good addition by the way. Winton: Did you two know that I’m inventing the biggest plane ever under this castle. Want to see it?.

Scene Five

Escome: So, it has 3,000 engines, each with partners of 3 and those groups with their own speed control. Winton: Yeah, and a swimming pool inside. Brad: It is a cool plane, come in. Winton: I ………. had the keys, BRAD. Brad: I just wanted to leave. Winton: NOT in the plane. Or at least not without me behind the controls. Escome: So, what seat do Brad and I get to be in. Winton: Brad take the second floor. Escome take the back of the first. I get the cockpit. Brad: Are you kidding, it’s a kings room up here, and do you even have clearance? Where are we going? Winton: I’m serious. I’m linked to the St. Paul taxi way and tower. We’re headed for a world tour if you don’t mind. Escome: It has a swimming pool, and a triple-king sized bed. Wow. Winton: Here we go. Escome: How do you turn on the hot water. Winton: The switch on the back wall. W2412 to tower. Runway 12? Good. Brad: How do you sleep at 19,000 feet. Winton: You just have patience. Escome: He’s right you know, just sleep. Winton: W2412 to Tower. There’s a thunderstorm here. Brad: Good-morning. Winton/ Escome: Told you that would work.