10.4.10 Released, iTunes Bug Visible Under 10.4.10

/ 20 June 2007

Today (or maybe yesterday) Apple released the known-to-come 10.4.10 update. The update says nothing about iPhone support, however, I’m sure that it has been added. The one problematic thing about the update is that iTunes has slowed down since the update. Now, some of the time I launch iTunes it stops responding right off the bat, and if it does succeed in launching then it’s fast enough until it comes to changing preferences. Then, when closing the preferences window it slows down and takes a long time to make the change and respond again. Playing music doesn’t seem to slow it and the rest of the OS down, so at least it’s useable still, but I do hope that Apple or some other person/ group issues a fix for this. I know it’s a fairly minor problem compared to others that I’ve encountered, but I hope that it can be fixed prior to the release of 10.4.11 or 10.5.0, whichever comes first. I have a MacBook from mid-May 2007, so if other’s with that generation are having this problem then it is probably a hardware issue. Either way I’d like if others that have taken the 10.4.10 update and are seeing these symptoms to at least comment here about them. Another point is that iTunes is the same in 10.4.9 as in 10.4.10, so it needs to have something to do with the underlying QuickTime engines. Try and enjoy the slightly newer OS and the rest of your week, Alex.