Doubts About Time Machine

/ 18 June 2007

After Apple updated their Leopard Sneak Peak, I began to doubt the true usefulness of Time Machine. It seems that it will try and keep all of the backups it makes. But that seems to mean that it will not only need an endless amount of disc space, but need to copy our whole macs each and every time it backs up. Plus, even if it does know how to handle what SuperDuper! calls “Smart Updates” it still ends up running out of space on the backup after a while it seems. I know that Apple must have it know when it needs to get rid of a layer of backup, but if it doesn’t then it doesn’t seem like it’s a good backup utility. Also, the timing, for a MacBook user they have their mac asleep half the time, so the automatic backup timer seems useless. All of these and more reasons make me think that there is a slight chance that I’ll totally disable Time Machine, I know that it ought to work, and so I’ll likely wind up using it, but for now it truly seems like I might keep using SuperDuper!.