Already A Known Problem With The May 2007 MacBooks

/ 18 June 2007

My MacBook (and my grandmother’s) is from this generation of MacBooks. This issue may not be as noticeable because it is about using the MacBook with an external display, but: “If using a MacBook (Mid 2007) with an external display (such as an Apple Cinema Display), you may notice that if the menu bar is set to the external display, waking the computer from clamshell mode may temporarily prevent the internal display from displaying video.”. The solutions are “Press F7 on the MacBook keyboard to temporarily restore video on the internal display. AND/ OR Save any unsaved data and restart the computer.”. The problem there is to get Front Row to display on an external display you need to have the menu bar on the external display. I grabbed those quotes from the knowledge base article on it.

I’m just hoping that somehow my MacBook specifically or all the MacBooks from this generation don’t end up with the flickering screen issue. I’ve already read up on it so I know what to try if my MacBook does end up with it, but I still wouldn’t want it to have that issue. We all need to wait a few more months anyway before we know if Apple has fixed that defect with this generation of MacBooks.