Essay For Week Two Of Quarter Four

/ 15 June 2007

The essay I wrote in English this week requires a bit of a background to be said before you read the essay. Like I read “Romeo And Juliet” last quarter I’m reading “The Diary Of A Young Girl” by Anne Frank, if you don’t know, it’s the diary that she (Anne Frank) kept when she was a girl and in hiding during World War 2 when all Jews were being taken away and prosecuted. Her family was hiding in an old warehouse in downtown Amsterdam. Anne Frank called this place she was hiding her “secret anexe”. From here you can read my essay, you know what you need to know in terms of background. The essay itself has the topic of being a description of the secret annexe and what the hardships for me would be if I had to hide in a place like that for the amount of time that Anne Frank needed to. So, I hope you enjoy me essay. My Description And The Challenges Of Living In The Secret Annexe Of Anne Frank Alex Celeste 070613

This essay is a simple and quick description of the annexe that Anne Frank stayed in and called her secret annexe. Then I'll head into my in-depth explanation of what the hardships would be about living there. I do hope that you enjoy this essay in full and not just enjoy one half or the other of it.

My basic and quick description of Anne Frank's "secret annexe" begins with a description of it's surroundings. It itself is in the middle of Amsterdam in an area of the city that has no real individual residential houses/ buildings. The apartment itself is in the top floors of an office building. The entrance to the annexe has a bookcase as a door hiding the entire doorway from the passerby. Inside, the annexe is relatively small compared to most houses/ apartments. Yet, somehow, it still is quite roomy. There is hardly any real and direct sunlight since they had to cover the entirety of the windows to prevent outsiders from noticing them. The rooms in it primarily consist of bedrooms and family rooms. There isn't that much running water so they don't get to get clean much and cooking can be harder due to that as well. Now, that was my quick description of the secret annexe, on to the hardships of living there.

The key hardship of needing to live in a place like Anne Frank's secret annexe is that I wouldn't be able to bring all my stuff with me there. The second biggest hardship is that it would be quite crowded in a place like that for the amount of time that they need to spend there. Tied into that hardship come my last two hardships. First, the key fact that you won't be aloud to leave since you'll be taken away and killed if you left the place. Also, barely seeing real sunlight makes a place feel cramped and small on it's own, not to mention in the annexe it would be crowded with people on top of that.

So that was my essay. I hope you could keep up with my fast pace in this essay. This essay can easily be the basis of a second essay comparing the secret annexe to Oma's house here in Austria, so a continuation of this essay may be written in that form later this school year. Enjoy, Alex