No Proper School Today

/ 14 June 2007

Today instead of doing the normal school routine we went to see the ancient jewels of Austria. We took Mary along though she needed to stay outside since she didn’t have a ticket. See, we used these tickets that we got on our first trip to the museums close after school began and they let us go to each of the three interconnected museums once within three months, those three months end tomorrow and this was the last of the three we had to go to. The museum itself was not that interesting at all and we managed to go though it within half an hour. After we finished at the museum we went off to what has become our favorite Ice Cream shop in Wien called Fratelli. This time instead of getting ice cream we tried out their lunch foods. We quickly noticed that if that had been our first impression of Fratelli then we wouldn’t ever be going back. By the time we got back to Oma’s house we started our afternoon routines and that’s what is happening now, Eric and I are down in the classroom doing the study hall time and Mary is reading in the winter garden while Nathaniel does stuff on the computer and watches TV.