Two Things Eric Recently Did That I’ll Never Do

/ 10 June 2007

The first thing that Eric did that I’ll never ever do is go get a load of laundry from the basement and then continue on to throw it from the first floor of the house up onto the second floor and miss. It’s quite clear why I’ll never do this. He was quite lucky that Oma didn’t notice or that the laundry didn’t knock down any of the photos and drawings that were framed and hanging on the wall.

The second thing that he did on Friday was download a copy of Windows Vista and install it using Parallels. Now this I can’t ever do since he downloaded it using a UofM license. But even if I could have the choice to install Windows Vista onto my MacBook I wouldn’t. He installed it in such a way that it lives on a DMG on his mac so any virus can’t hurt OS X from Vista, but that doesn’t make the fact any better. After watching him run though the installation and setup process it was clearer and clearer to me that Vista is not something to run alongside OS X. I watched him setup his user account and had to keep reminding him and myself of how much more complicated Vista (and any Windows OS) is than OS X is when it comes to the most basic of usage. We also noticed the amazing amount of CPU usage that was used when his MacBook runs Vista. After that small experience my mind became set permanently on the clear fact that OS X is much easier to use and since more and more of the file formats used in the majority of computer OS’s are supported on both Mac OS X and Windows Vista why should someone who owns an Intel-based mac run any OS aside from the pre-installed current version of Mac OS X,

Anyway, those are the two things that Eric did back on Friday that are things that I’ll never ever do in my life. One being throw a load of laundry from one level to the next and the other be installing Windows Vista onto my MacBook. Enjoy, Alex