Interesting iSight IR Ability

/ 9 June 2007

I don’t know if this was the case for the external/ old iSight cameras, but my MacBook’s internal iSight has the ability to see IR light. I’m a bit surprised about that since I know that the internal iSights don’t have the same abilities as the old external iSights did. I tested this by opening the video preview window in iChat and pressing a few buttons on my Apple Remote. Each button visibly has the same signal. I also tested it with my dad’s Apple Remote and as I guessed it too had the same visible signal. What seems amazing to me (also) is that I was seeing this in broad daylight and back when I was filming the RCX IR the video camcorder I was using could only sense/ see the IR when it was pitch-black around it. Another odd thing I noticed about the Apple Remote’s IR transmitter is that the single signal it sends out is from the far right side of the remote. That means that the better chunk of the black IR window is not used at all.