A Bit More Of An Understanding

/ 9 June 2007

When Eric first got his MacBook he actually had forgotten that Front Row was there at all for a short bit of time. Then, he really only used Front Row to listen to music when he was doing the tiling in our attic. The only other time I saw him use Front Row at all was when we were watching TV shows on a sheet from iTunes when we first got here. Since that time Nathaniel had been using Front Row on Eric’s MacBook more than Eric was. I thought that was quite odd and unusual until now. Now that I have an Apple Remote And Front Row for/ on my laptop (since my laptop is a MacBook) I understand much much more why that was. In most occasions the use of Front Row is zilch, it’s quite useless most of the time. But what I learned that I don’t think Eric ever learned until I showed him it on my own MacBook is that the Apple Remote is a mini-controller for iTunes anywhere on the OS (aside from Keynote, iPhoto, etc.). So even when I’m not using my Apple Remote to control Front Row I have it sitting next to my laptop for just basic music control.