Getting A MacBook

/ 26 May 2007

Last Thursday the solution to Mary’s lack-of-computer issue arrived. That solution was a new MacBook, ordered just after Apple bumped the line. But the way that it was the solution was a bit complicated. Due to the fact that Luther Seminary (where Mary works) has to pay for the mac she gets, and due to the fact that the keyboard is a UK (international english) keyboard Mary made a decision to give me the MacBook and she’ll then get to use my old iBook G4 until LS gets her a new MacBook. So that Thursday afternoon was spent with me making the final backup of my iBook G4 and then using that backup to migrate all my data to the new MacBook. Shockingly the migration assistant took less than an hour to move all my data across. Now, all I have to do is get used to the keyboards spacing and the “new” stuff (camera, remote, magnetic latch, magnetic power adapter, etc.). I also need to get used to having 100 GB remaining aside from the 33 GB remaining that I had on my old iBook G4. It’s quite fun to have the extra features in the OS open to me now (various image taking, Front Row, etc.).

Now, later today I’ll migrate Mary’s stuff to her “new” (my “old”) iBook G4. After that is complete then this long problem of who uses what mac will be over. Enjoy, Alex