Name Schemes For Our Macs

/ 14 May 2007

Since Mary’s mac died we know we’ll need to get a new MacBook to even out on everyone having their own mac. In the midst of that I’ve begun to think a bit more about the kinds of names that we’re using for our macs and their internal hard disks (thus their backups as well). None of us are really imaginative enough or have the time to come up with new sets of two names each time we get a new computer. In my dad’s case he’s named all his computers “Ice”, both the mac itself and the hard disk. That’s even less imaginative than my mom, Nathaniel, and I who have two names (one for the mac and one for it’s hard disk) for our macs. Also, with the exception of Nathaniel’s names for his mac, Mary and I both have our macs names based on character’s from Then Lord Of The Rings, and though that very fact can give us each similar but different names for our next macs we don’t want to change them because we’re all too used to the names that our macs have now. That’s even with the fact that those specific names mean absolutely nothing to us aside from them referring to our macs.

Passwords are the same way, most of the passwords we’d be using today may be based on something that we know now, but later down the road of life will mean absolutely nothing to us aside from their ties to what the passwords go to on our macs. As an example, the root of all my account passwords that I use across all the macs that I use is my PIN number at Crosswinds. That’s not the whole password, but it is the key “unknown” part of the password template I use. The second part of the password is the computer’s name.

All in all, we may use certain sets of names for our macs and our passwords now that we won’t change just to be comfortable now even when those names mean nothing else to us aside from that and we have the full ability (and sometimes the need/ want) to change these names/ phrases.