Logic Board Issue

/ 12 May 2007

Earlier today Eric and I took Mary’s PowerBook G4 to an authorized reseller/ service provider to ask them about the problem. With only about five minutes or less of looking at the mac they told us that the logic board was the problem. This means that we certainly can’t get it repaired so we left them with it’s battery so we can at least boot it up one final time to deautherize iTunes and any other small backups we need to do. This does mean, however, that we will need to buy a MacBook while we’re here in Austria so Mary can have a computer that isn’t also someone else’s. We’ll need to order the MacBook online since the kind of keyboard that we want/ need is the UK keyboard (so it’s has the same Qwerty layout as the US keyboards do) and not the Austrian keyboard that they have in the stores here (which isn’t the Qwerty keyboard layout). It is probably still going to be at least two weeks before everyone can have their own mac again. Enjoy, Alex