The End Of The 3rd Quarter

/ 11 May 2007

Today was the last day of the third quarter of school. We technically ended classes yesterday with a final exam and just had parent-teacher conferences and a party today. This will be an interesting break with many different events that may or may not happen. During the last 2/ -3 days of the break Joanne (my mom’s mom) will be with us. I’m also worried that the only other big change for us all here that will occur (is already occurring) is a dramatic and rapid increase in temperature. This change has already started today with a temperature that startled me it was so high. Sometime during this break we’ll likely be going on a weeklong train trip around Austria. All I know for sure is that the first week of the break Eric will be doing some initial planning for the fourth quarter. Our intersession break is pretty much right alongside the EMID calendar, so (though it makes absolutely no difference) our main break is landing at the same time as it would if we were in the States at this moment.