Spell Checker Enhancement

/ 10 May 2007

Earlier today Eric told me that his mac knew (with the spell checking) both english and german but he didn’t know what made it be that way. Since then I think I’ve found out how this happened. The way I did this was by opening TextEdit. When activating the CM in the open window and choosing Spelling->Spelling… I was given a dialog where I could choose what dictionary to check spelling with. Among the options were “Multilingual”. I chose this so I could check against all languages. It seems to be working fine now. The initial spell check dictionary files live in “~/Library/Spelling”, until I made this simple (and VERY helpful) change to my spell checker I had just one file in the folder named “en” for english. Now I have a second file named “Multilingual” in that folder to support that dictionary. This change will help me out a lot for Deutsch class here and Español class back at Crosswinds, but I also wonder if it has extended the spell checker’s knowledge of English since I’ve seen reports of the main english spell checker on the mac being incomplete. I think I just found out what Eric somehow did on his mac to get the spell checker to act the way it is now.