3 Months Left

/ 9 May 2007

Today is the 9th of May and as such is the halfway/ 3 months left day. 3 months from now is August 9th, our departure date. A lot has occurred in this first part of our time here in Austria. Among the more notable events are Dagmar’s trip here, Christopher and Max’s trip here, and Peggy and Ed’s trip here. Also notable is Eric’s recent dilemma with his own health, and Mary recent dive down into sickness. The newest notable events are the sudden death of Mary’s PowerBook G4, and my iBook G4’s consecutive kernel panics. I hope that this will soon become a better trip than it has been these last few weeks. Mary and Eric are currently sharing a MacBook, but it’s possible that before we leave in August a further huge change in who gets what computer will take place as we’d need to get a second MacBook (Oma says she’d be willing to pay for it) to even out this mess. Also at this midway point of our trip comes the end of the 3rd quarter and therefore the midway point of the second semester as well. I hope that you’re all having a great day, genießen, Alex.