Mary And Her Bad Luck

/ 7 May 2007

Earlier I mentioned the evening when Mary’s PowerBook G4 refused to wake from sleep or charge. Well yesterday it completely died on her. We tried resetting the PMU, but to no good effect. When Eric and I listened closely to it we heard a slight buzzing sound when it was plugged into AC power that could not be heard on my iBook G4 when it was plugged into AC power. Since we’re all pretty sure that her mac is dead Eric is now getting ready to migrate her account from her backup to his MacBook so she has a computer to use. Hopefully that will hold out until we get back to the States in August. Eric and Mary will have to share macs, but they’ll be able to figure that out easily enough. Of course, that does mean that right when we get back all 3 of us (Eric, Mary, and I) will be needing new macs (White 2.0 Ghz MacBooks).

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mary also has this bad cough that has been keeping her (and Eric) up each night. She went to a doctor this morning and was put on a whole set antibiotics and inhaling medicine that should get her on an upward track to health.

Due to both of these two unfortunate events Mary has been having a really bad middle of this trip.

A bit of an update, Eric is getting increasingly better, his skin is at the end of it’s problems. He’s still using the creams until the end of this week though. His knee is also at the brink of health, but as such it is now more fragile than ever. On the way back from Mary’s appointment he twisted his ankle causing him to put his knee in a weird position that made it hurt a bit. That’s where it became clear that he should be more careful than ever about his knee right now at this time in the healing process.