Huge Amount Of School Kids

/ 5 May 2007

On Friday Eric and I did a few extra missions past when Nathaniel decided to head back home. The first one of these missions was in a Bipa store (a drug store without the drugs) to get some special soap that Eric’s doctor wanted him to use (Eric is way better now, he can bend his knee more and is even starting to be able to normally walk up and down stairs, his skin is starting to look normal again). We left the 38’s stop when it was totally empty and we were in the Bipa for only about 5 minutes. When we left the Bipa the entirety of the sidewalks on both sides of the street were packed full with kids that were just let out of school. It was amazing to see those sidewalks that just nearly 10 minutes ago were empty now packed to the street (and back to the walls of the stores) with kids. We learned quite clearly that 2:00 pm (14:00) is not the time for most people to take the transit on weekdays as they’ll all be packed full with students that just left school.