Kernel Panic Screensaver

/ 4 May 2007

After restarting from the second panic yesterday (I had another this morning and now my mac is back to the simple software) I was looking for debugging instructions. As I was, I stumbled across this odd, and potentially shut down-causing screensaver. As the screensaver it will show the interface for a real kernel panic. Though I don’t want to use it often, I still grabbed it onto my mac for those few times that I will want to use it. I also figure that if I ever want to show someone what a kernel panic will look like I can use this screensaver. The person who made it has a YouTube video that he links to from the download page to show those who don’t know what a kernel panic will look like what it will look like. The video is of his MacBook Pro having a kernel panic right at the startup, before the loginwindow startup (the blue screen with the window) begins.