Two Kernel Panics In A Row

/ 3 May 2007

Just now my iBook G4 had two kernel panics in a row. I had installed an APE module that I removed and that may have been the cause. The APE module was named “Slider”, the odd thing about that being the cause would be that APE’s never scrape the hardware surface enough to cause a panic. The second possible cause would be the Dashboard widget “iStat Pro”, whose job it is to display hardware statistics. As a matter of fact I seem to remember this widget being a kernel problem in the past, but what makes no sense about that is that DashboardClients shouldn’t be able to cause panics. These two pieces of software are the only two that I installed recently enough to be potential candidates and I removed them both now. I think I may have stopped the culprit anyway, because the last two panics my mac had started up (or been awake after the install), put to sleep, woken up, put to sleep, and on wake up had the panic. That’s two times of sleep and then the panic. This last time (of which it’s still up from) I was able to successfully wake it up 3 times without a panic. The one thing I keep trying to find (and haven’t yet) is a simple set of instructions (or an app) to debug single kernel panics up the line of control until a visible app’s or widget’s process. If anyone has any ideas on a way to do this I’d love it if they’d post a comment here with their thoughts. Enjoy, Alex