iChat Groups

/ 2 May 2007

One feature I thought was going to be new and quite helpful in iChat under 10.5 I just found in iChat today, that is the ability to group buddies. To do this you need to go to the “View” menu in iChat and click “Use Groups”. If this is the first time you’ve enabled groups then all your buddies will end up in one group named “Buddies”. Now click the “+” button in the bottom-left corner of the buddies window. Instead of automatically bringing up the “New Buddy” dialog it will show you a contextual menu-like menu with the option to either make a new buddy, make a new group, or to edit the groups. After creating a new group you can drag buddies from the “Buddies” group to that new group you just created. This feature is one way to shorten what may feel like a long list of buddies.