One Flaw In iTunes/ iPhoto Front Row Link

/ 1 May 2007

A fact of Front Row currently is that the iPhoto and iTunes sections require the apps to be open. It will open the apps for you, but it needs them open, and that may be a problem for you in other ways. iTunes is based off of the built-in Quicktime support so theoretically Front Row could provide the music without iTunes and launch iTunes upon exit to keep the music going. Playing TV shows in Front Row don’t count against watching them in iTunes so that would be an easy thing for Apple to fix. iTunes would be much harder to run in Front Row without the app running on the main desktop, but iPhoto would not be. The only thing you can do with your photos in Front Row is run slideshows. Built-in to the iPhoto library is this mini-viewer that applications like Comic Life, the iWork suite, and many others use to view the library and drag pictures from it to that apps window. The whole point of that is that you don’t need iPhoto running to do that. I bet with a small bit of work Apple could get Front Row to use that viewer for it’s slideshows. Even if Apple can’t allow Front Row direct access to the libraries they can at least have it hide the apps once it renters your main desktop if they were hiding before or quit before (only letting them be visible if they were visible before entering Front Row).