PowerBook G4 Issues

/ 30 April 2007

Just today my mom’s PowerBook G4 died with a simple power failure. She plugged it in to charge while we went out looking for posters for “1. Mai” festivals. It’s status had not changed when we got back. Eric tried unplugging and plugging back in the battery, that didn’t help. He did the same for the power adapter, that didn’t help. He even unplugged all power (power adapter and battery) and that didn’t help. Somehow the sleep light was still on when there was no power adapter or battery in the mac. That made some sense as there’s the watch battery in the mac to keep the P-RAM active all the time. Any restart/ shut down attempt hasn’t worked. Her power adapter’s light has been flashing for a while, so we all knew there must be some problem with the power system of the mac, just none of us thought it could be this bad or happen this soon. Luckily I backed up her mac just yesterday, so she has a fairly recent backup if she needs it. Once in this mac’s history it’s motherboard and hard disk had to be replaced. I’m just shocked, as I’ve never heard of a mac that couldn’t be shut down or restarted in some way or another. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on this extremely problematic issue, genießen, Alex.