Space Consciousness

/ 29 April 2007

It’s a strange little partial-requirement to have, but somehow I feel like I’m doing too much on my mac when I can’t see any of the desktop at any given second. I somehow think that’s partly why VirtueDesktops was a good find and why the month or so of using a MacBook before 10.5 will be hard (due to an issue that occurred on Eric’s MacBook I’m not going to use VirtueDesktops on mine). It may even out with the MacBook since the screen may have slightly more space (or slightly less). It’s only 2 to 3 months of having just one desktop anyway and it was way less than a year ago that I found VirtueDesktops (like October 2006 I think) so I can’t feel too crowded in the limited space I’ll have. It would be nice, though, to know if VirtueDesktops (most recent version) works properly on MacBooks, Eric’s MacBook ran it until it crashed just minutes later. Ever after the desktop image switching had some issues with being able to switch the image properly without a crash of I may just try it and see if it works, but I may also just remove it and wait for Spaces as well (waiting for Spaces is more likely).