A Whole Lot Of Repetition In My Keychain

/ 28 April 2007

I just went looking though my “login.keychain” for my user account. A whole lot of the internet username/password keys were repeated about 4 or 5 times each. I tested the accounts on the websites they’re for and looked at each entry for the same website, they were exactly the same and not needed (all but 1 entry per website). Is there any reason for the OS to have made so many entries for each item? I could delete the repeats and the automatic filling-in still functioned. I suggest that if you have the “User names and passwords” checkbox checked in the “Autofill” prefpane of Safari and you’ve had a mac (even if you’ve migrated from one mac to another w/ the migration assistant) for 3 years or longer that you look at your internet passwords stored in your keychain to see if your keychain has repeat entries the same way mine did until 10 minutes ago. To do this open the Keychain Access.app found in /Applications/Utilities and open the triangle next to “Passwords” and select “Internet” from the list that will appear. Any repeated items there aren’t needed or even recommended. Just select the repeats and press the delete->return keys to remove the entries from your keychain permanently.