A Random Guess At Screen Names

/ 28 April 2007

I wrote earlier about how my mom’s mom got a mac. At that time I updated my AB card for my grandmother by adding her AOL email name into the iChat field. When I opened my iBook just now I saw that she was online! Of course she had no idea what to do about me trying to text chat her (I don’t think that iChat is even set up on her iMac), but I still saw that she was using her iMac. Wow, that was a random guess I took 1.5 weeks ago at her AIM screen name and today I learned that I got it right. Now that I know that the screen name is right, we all are now more and more eager and urgent about getting her iChat set up so we can properly chat mac-to-mac. The trick was quite simple, just take the part of the AOL email that’s before the “@” and add it to the iChat screen name field. She’ll be visiting us at the end of May so hopefully we’ll be able to visually show her how to set up her account and by mid-June we may be able to Chat with her properly. And with the tight iChat integration across the OS I don’t even need to look at my buddy list to know that she’s online.