A Comparison Between OS X And Vista

/ 28 April 2007

Normally I never link to these things, but this one has in it references to a “Romeo And Juliet”-like base for the article. So the only reason why I’m even bothering to blog about an OS comparison is it’s small links off to feeling a bit like R&J. In the end it comes to OS X-2, and Vista-2, a tie, so that I don’t like, as a user of OS X I think it’s abilities are far better than Vista’s, though I do admit that it looks like the basic interfaces may start to feel like their copying from each other (Vista from OS X :) ). This has been the first and will be that last time that I bother to blog about these OS comparisons. The main reason why I’m doing it is because of the R&J fell, but also just to note these kinds of comparisons between the OS’s on my blog.