Shared Editing

/ 26 April 2007

As Eric can’t get out of bed much, I’ve switched from using TextWrangler for my HTML Javascripting, to using SubEthaEdit. The purpose for this is that SubEthaEdIt has an ability to share the files across the internet with other supported apps. Currently Coda is the app that Eric is using to edit alongside me the HTML and CSS files for my BlackJack game. This engine that the folks who are behind SubEthaEdit have created is quite amazing and powerful. I wish that Apple would integrate this shared editing engine into Xcode and Interface Builder. If they used the same underlying engine they could even get Xcode sharing to SubEthaEdit. That is one totally unlikely feature for the Developer Tools that come with Mac OS X 10.x.x. If Apple ever allowed Xcode plugins, a sharing engine plugin would be something I’d install just so I’d have the feature.