Mac OS X 10.5.x Amount Of Disk Space Required

/ 26 April 2007

I noticed in a screenshot of the installer (on ThinkSecret) for one of the 10.5 betas that the OS requires 7.8 GB of disk space on the mac. Now luckily some of that 7.8 GB is already taken up by 10.4.x. With the current “Applications” and “System folders added together 10.4.x takes up 5.11 GB on our macs. That means that 10.5 is just 2.69 GB larger than 10.4.x. So really we will only lose 2.69 GB in the OS install. Now that was not counting the “Library” folder, but that was 7.44 GB on my mac and so it can’t be counted totally into the 10.4.x disk space requirement. If it is, however, then Apple made 10.3.x and below PPC, 10.4.x Universal, and 10.5.x PPC or i386. I’m actually not too surprised about the amount of disk space that 10.5 requires, since like any OS update it has more apps as part of it and so it will naturally take up more space on our internal hard disks. This is just a heads-up for those who are running low on their internal disk space that they have until October to clear out enough space for 10.5.x to live on their internal disk.