Not So Much In The Right Direction??

/ 25 April 2007

On the walk back to the 38’s station from the doctor’s office we walked along the 37’s tracks. The 37 meets with the 38 at the station we’ll get on at and runs to the same end station in the center of Wien. As we were walking back we saw a 38 drive past. The 38 as I said separates from the 37 up ahead, so there should never be a 38 on the 37 track at that point in the 37’s route. When we got to the station were we’d pick up the 38 we saw that the driver of the 38 we would get on was switching the track back from the 38 route to the 37 route. After a quick radio conversation he undid the move. As we drove down Bilrothstraße (one of the streets the 38 drives on) we ran into a huge traffic jam. We then realized that the strassenbahn may have purposely gone in the direction of the 37 due to this traffic jam. We don’t quite know if the driver meant to drive down the 37’s route or if he was killing himself for making such a bad wrong turn during the beginning of rush hour.