Front Row Hint For Use With External Displays

/ 24 April 2007

I’m sure every MacBook or MacBook Pro owner has tried Front Row on an external display (Eric did at the start of Dagmar’s trip to show her tile pictures). You may not have noticed the way to do it without mirroring the displays. The key to doing it is the menubar’s location. As Front Row, (Dashboard, Time Machine ?, and Spaces ?) all run from within the, they’re tied to the menubar. The simple secret is to position your menubar on the external display. This is not a thing to do when normally controlling two separate screens as the physical dock follows the menubar, but to run Front Row from the external display this is a requirement. As I don’t have a MacBook yet myself (I may end up with one in August) I don’t know if that menubar location stays as a preference but I presume that it does not.