The Term “Birthday” Is Relative

/ 22 April 2007

This won’t be nearly as extensive as my last “relative” post, but here’s what I have to say on the term “Birthday”. We celebrate one day a year the growth of a person, it’s called a birthday. This day is the day that the person was born but it is not the only day they grow and should not have the same kind of importance that society has it have. It is well too embedded in our societies to have it’s meaning change but it is good to remember this simple fact. You don’t grow more on your birthday than you do any other day. Due to the sugar intake that may occur you may even grow less on your birthday than you do most other days. It’s a small fact that some people may not always want to note and agree with just to allow them to have more fun and more impact on their birthday. In all, though the exact term “birthday” may not be relative it’s meaning and prestige is totally relative. We all have to keep this in mind so we can understand that we aren’t staying in one place for 364 days out of the year and instead growing 365 days out of the year. Another fact about what a “birthday” is that it isn’t what we think it is. Our birthday is the day we arrive in the world according to the current rules of society, but in the long run we were around for 9 months before that day. Enjoy, Alex