Surpassing Knowledge

/ 22 April 2007

Most of the time I trust that I know less about this OS (Mac OS X 10.x.x) than my dad, but the comment he posted on an earlier entry proves me wrong. The entry is about the “Secure Notes” keychain feature, he wrote in response:

Wow, Alex! That is very helpful! I’ve been looking for a tool to do just that and never realized the Keychain was able to do this. Bravo!

That proves that in some areas of the OS I actually surpass him on knowing about features. At this moment since he has a real job and I’m just in school I have more time (and motivation) to take the time to know where every file that may be useful to know is and remember this stuff. As it turns out I know where files that Apple takes the time to hide from the user live! In fact, it was just today that I learned how to make the notes, but I’ve known about the feature for ages (possibly since 10.3.x). Sometime I’ll find other things and post about them, then Eric will comment that he’s been looking for something to do that for ages. Genießen, Alex