VirtueDesktops Preference Crashing

/ 19 April 2007

I never need to go into the preference windows for VirtueDesktops since it’s one of those apps that you never think about, but today I went there to change the opacity of the overlayed desktop images and had a very hard time changing those simple prefs because the app kept unexpectedly quitting when I navigated though the preference windows. The version that I’m running is “0.54 Beta 2”, in the update the interface for those preferences changed dramatically. After about 10 minutes of doing what should be a 5 minute task I realized how much I’m personally looking forward to “Spaces” taking over for “VirtueDesktops” in October (the problem is that there may be an interim period when a MacBook can’t run VirtueDesktops for 2 months). Have any others had this issue?