Keine Schule Heute (No School Today)

/ 17 April 2007

Today is a day that we are having no school due to Eric’s health. At this moment he has 3 problems. The first is his left shin where he has a lasting injury from childhood that has reopened when he ran into Nathaniel’s Wii 3 weeks ago. Then what was I think 1.5 to 2 weeks ago he started to get this rash on his skin that we think came from the laundry detergent that we’ve been using. Since then we stopped using that detergent but his rash has been getting worse and he now is trying to find a doctor to go to about that. Now, on Monday his right knee started to “blow up”, it’s quite a bit larger than his left knee and it is redder and hotter than his left knee. The reason we don’t have school today is because he has (is at) an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to look at his knee. He also has an appointment for 7:30 pm tomorrow to look at his skin rash.