Helping To Make The Switch

/ 13 April 2007

In the past two days I’ve helped my mom, Mary, leave “Palm Desktop” in the dust while taking up Apple’s “Address Book” and “iCal”. I’ve helped her transfer all her contacts into AB (Address Book) and taught her the basics on how to use the app. I’ve assisted her in recreating her entire calendar in iCal (aside from the birthdays, those transfer over from AB). This task has been anticipated for months before we arrived here in Wien (she wanted to wait until her sabbatical to make the switch) and only yesterday and today was it done and completed. Now she has a calendar of her professional trips that she’s published for my dad and I to subscribe too and hopefully soon she’ll make a calendar specific to my doctors appointments for me to subscribe too. Now in the turn down the final few months prior to 10.5 Leopard she is using all Apple applications (that will for-a-fact work under 10.5) for those two basic and fundamental sets of user information. She won’t have to worry if “Palm Desktop” refuses to open under the 10.5 dependencies anymore.