10.5 Leopard Stuff 1

/ 7 April 2007

I’m not someone to believe rumors or say much about the upcoming OS, but I did think it right to give you these bits of information. First, the iPhone will require support files like kexts and frameworks, these are likely to come new in 10.5 since 10.4.9 has already been released. This means that 10.5 will need to come out before or at the same time as the iPhone. Second, WWDC is a likely time for these releases to occur (many websites agree on that), WWDC is from June 11th though June 15th. WWDC has Leopard sessions so the final release may come out before WWDC. If it’s released near WWDC it will still fall under the “Spring 2007” title that Steve Jobs and other Apple employees are indicating. According to some that have the beta, the OS still has many flaws and so they think that the OS won’t come out any time soon. I did find a site of screenshots of 10.5 (that can’t have been approved by Apple). Most sites are indicating that in the last half of this month or early May will be the release, but as I said, I don’t trust any of these predictions, I just put them here for those that would enjoy them (some also are indicating October release dates).

In the coming weeks I’ll post info that I learn on 10.5 Leopard, but my sources aren’t always going to be saying what will actually happen (but who knows until the OS is released).