iPod Shuffle Notes

/ 4 April 2007

Technically the 2nd generation iPod Shuffles are named “Shuffle”, but their default position is to loop the music in order and not to shuffle that music. The default preference for syncing is, however, to randomly pick 1 GB worth of music from your library and sync that to the iPod. The way my iPod Shuffle is set up is to sync just one playlist full of music and play it in order looping. That setup is not in any way set to be shuffled, as it is a copy of one playlist on my mac, plus it just simply loops though the music. It almost makes you want to name it around it’s built-in clip. “iPod Clip” would be an example of a name that also signifies that it can loop normally though the music. One helpful little thing I learned and am now doing is to use the straight, flat piece of plastic that was part of the original packaging to wrap the earbuds around when the iPod is clipped to my clothes but not actually playing music. I then put the piece of plastic in my pants pocket. You could also wrap the earbuds around the iPod, but then the clip is not available for use. One last note about the iPod Shuffle is it’s sound quality. The reason I think it sounds better than most of the other iPods is that it’s sound port is the only port on the iPod. Therefore since it’s internally wired as USB, power, and sound-out it has a better port to send the music though. Genießen, Alex