Interesting Printer Advantage

/ 29 March 2007

In the process of setting up the printer here in Wien to work with my iBook G4 I had to install a huge set of HP drivers and support files onto my system. Today I found inside iPhoto an extra non-Apple export option. This option allows me to export images in my iPhoto library to any one of 4 applications that are inside the HP support folder now on my mac. The most intriguing application is a panorama maker. This little application hiding on my mac is one that I think may come in handy many times in the future. If it weren’t for the printer here in Wien needing extra drivers on my mac to run I would never have found this neat little tool to accompany iPhoto. Hopefully the 10.5 installation won’t hurt the ability for iPhoto to work with this little plugin that allows me to use this software. The single panorama I’ve made now out of old pictures meant to make a panorama has turned out as a good panorama so I think the software may work out. It’s certainly an odd advantage to needing to install these extra printer drivers.