Sudden MailTags Issue I Noticed

/ 28 March 2007

Earlier today I was beginning to redo my mail sorting to allow for easier organization using the MailTags keywords and Smart Mailboxes when I realized that since I’m not running the newest version of MailTags (2.0) but rather an older version (1.2.2), there’s a small chance that Mail in 10.5 will not support MailTags and therefore kill my entire organizational build-up for my email. Technically there’s no reason why Apple would make it impossible to use mail bundles like MailTags, but it is possible. I also realize that it is also possible that Apple will build in the abilities that MailTags gives the current version of Mail within the new version of Mail in 10.5. Though that is very unlikely, it is possible. I guess that I should not go and entirely redo my email organization until I have 10.5 installed just in case it will make it impossible to use that method of organization. I also urge others that currently use MailTags to help organize their email to be conscious to the fact that that system of organization will be no more after launching Mail under 10.5 Leopard.