Recipe Poem

/ 19 March 2007

Today in Literacy one of the tasks we had to do was write a recipe poem for how to do something. I didn’t quite understand the poem piece of it, but below is my recipe. I chose to make mine “How To Import Stuff Into iTunes”


At least 1 CD A mac or PC with iTunes installed that also has a CD drive

How To Do

  1. First you start up (from sleep or from being shut down) your computer
  2. Insert the CD into the computer’s disk drive
  3. Wait for iTunes to automatically launch. If it doesn’t it lives in /Applications.
  4. Select the CD from the “Source” column if it isn’t already selected.
  5. Press the “Import” button at the bottom of the iTunes window.
  6. Wait until fully completed (the computer will beep when done) then…
  7. Eject the CD.
  8. Locate the CD in the on-disk library
  9. Play the music and/ or…
  10. Add to a playlist(s) of your choice.


Under 10 minutes but above 3, depending on type of disk encoder and computer speed.</i>

Post a comment with what you think about it if you wish. Enjoy and have a great Monday, Alex