Rumored Info On Future OS Updates/ Upgrades

/ 17 March 2007

Following a comment made on an earlier entry I’ve decided to post this post about a rumor I’ve read compared to a rumor that was mentioned in a comment here. The rumor that was posted here in a comment say’s that Leopard may come out before May, though.. However, countering that rumor is one I’ve read that says Apple is preparing to use imaginary numbers for several upcoming Tiger updates. and Apple is quietly assembling a leading team of mathematicians for their own celebration: future irrational releases of OS X. und (“and” in german) Apple has long desired to number its operating system using a combination of Kabbalistic numerology and topologic math.. From there are following 10.4.9, Apple plans 10.4.√-1, and then release 10.4.1/3-1/4+1/5-1/6+1/7. Worse is this hint on those updates, Users are advised that Software Update will crash repeatedly when trying to download these updates unless they hold down the F13 key.. These all came from “”

Personally I hope that the rumor my dad (Eric) commented here on comes true. It does seem more likely because the older iBook G4’s like mine don’t even have a F13 key, plus what kind of trick is that anyway. So, I’ll be able to either joyously or sadly tell you which rumor is true or more true. Enjoy, Alex