Updates For Your Mac

/ 16 March 2007

Yesterday upon relaunching iPhoto after it crashed it warned me of an update that was available for it. When I checked for it’s update with Software Update I realized that Apple also released 10.4.9, their final 10.4 full system update! That update addresses many issues in the system some of which I’ve mentioned here. The first one that stood out to me was an Image Capture update, that explained the iPhoto update as Image Capture is the technology behind iPhoto’s camera importing. The next that stood out to me was a font handling update, I wonder if that update fixed the text field flaw I mentioned in an earlier entry on this blog. The next that I noticed was a trackpad scrolling update that is to help all post-2005 macs with their trackpad scrolling. Another interesting fix I noticed is in 10.4.9 for all Intel macs is a fix for Rosseta, apparently there have been issues in PPC print and save dialogs on Intel systems. Those are the key points it fixed aside from general fixes and security fixes.

I do suggest that you take these updates (iPhoto 6.0.6, and Mac OS X 10.4.9) as soon as you can so your mac is as up-to-date as Apple will allow. Just note that like any full system update your mac will be required to restart after the update. So you probably should wait until you get off work enough to restart your mac.