Animations In 10.5 Issue

/ 14 March 2007

I’m completely over the initial worry that Leopard won’t work on my iBook G4 due to the animations not working. Now I understand that they simply just won’t run on my mac, but the actual work will still run. For example the stars in Time Machine won’t move, but Time Machine itself will still function. Now, that means that 10.5 Leopard should run quite smoothly on my iBook G4. On my dad’s MacBook the stars will move at their proper speeds making 10.5 run smoothly on his mac. However, my mom’s PowerBook G4 will for a fact be able to make those stars move, but it needs to use more CPU power to do it and that means that 10.5 Leopard won’t run as smoothly as it does on either my dad’s MacBook or my iBook G4. The key to knowing if your mac will run 10.5 Leopard is a combination of these two steps. Number one, does your mac support “Core Image”, if it does then you’ll be able to run the animations. Number two, is your mac PPCG3, PPCG4, PPCG5, or i386 based, if it is PPCG3 based then sorry absolutely no 10.5 for you. If it is either PPCG4 or PPCG5 based then you will be able to run 10.5, but only if your mac supports “Core Image” will you be able to run the animations. If your mac is i386 (Intel) based then you’ll be able to run 10.5 fully, animations and all. Enjoy, Alex.