Cobenzl To Sievering Walk

/ 12 March 2007

Yesterday we went on a walk up in the mountains of the Vienna woods. The story is in the extended section of this post. It started out like all our walks up there do. We took the 38A bus up to the Cobenzl Parkplatz area. From there we walked along a path going up into the mountain. The path started as a paved path but after a few minutes of walking turned into a normal dirt path. We split from our normal route at the cross, a place where all the paths around the mountain meet to give walkers a place to rest and pick another path. We usually would head on a path that leads further up the mountain, but yesterday we turned onto a path that headed down towards Sievering, a neighborhood a lot like Grinzing where we live here. That path was a lot like the path we took up from Cobenzl, but after a while it dove downward into a area where we could see the road and where we met up with a few other paths. After a while we ran into a playground/ restaurant overlooking Wien from above. We walked on and ran into a tall white chapel tucked away in the middle of the woods. From there my dad asked my mom if she wanted the steep path or the shallow path, thinking it was just about the next few minutes she said steep path. We went on and ended up on a drop-off path. We walked right alongside a 100 kilometer drop. The path went almost straight down for a long long while. There weren’t even that many trees to hold onto as you were forced to run down the path. After what felt like 30 minutes of this path we finally met up with the real path, the problem was that the real path was under a 5-10 foot drop-off. We ended up winding our way though rocks and finally were walking on the shallow path again. We found our way to the 39A bus and took it to our favorite ice cream store, Rukenbaurer’s. We ate ice cream (a lot of it, 5 scoops worth each, except for my dad, who had 2 scoops). After that we headed back for the night.