What NOT To Do In Apple Mail

/ 8 March 2007

My dad just helped my grandmother (over iChat) with an Apple Mail issue. This issue turned out to be a BUG in the application. He was able to recreate it on his mac and so was I on my mac. I logged each step of the way and that log is below:

  • Created “Testing” “test1” and “test2” inside “Testing”.
  • Copied one email into each folder.
  • Renamed “Testing” to “TESTING”.
  • “Testing” turned into a gray folder w/ no emails in it or it’s subfolders.
  • “TESTING” now holds copied messages.
  • Deleted “Testing”.
  • “TESTING” has no subfolders and has just the email in it.
  • All other messages gone FOR GOOD.

What essentially happens is you rename a folder that is in a normal wording format to all uppercases. That folder becomes the real folder and the old folder turns grey. Now all the mail isn’t visible under the grey folder but is under the normal folder. When you go and delete the old grey folder you end up deleting the mail that is in the subfolders of the real and active folder. THAT is the bug.

If ANY of you have run into this absolutely horrible bug then respond that you have and please tell me if you’ve reported it to Apple. Thanks.