“What Is A Poem?”

/ 5 March 2007

As part of the Literacy/ English 9 class we’re doing these write-then-discuss topics at the start of most classes. I’ll try and post as many of my responses as I can in entries that are titled with the question. My response is below:

A poem is like a song. It has a base story to tell and tells it in a organized format. These formats are many and just a few are used by any single poet. Now, anyone who writes a poem is usually called a poet, but I think that all of us are poets in our own ways and that diminishes the title “poet” entirely. In their own way every single piece of writing in this universe is a poem. If asked this question saying that the answer needed to be a single sentence I’d write: A poem is a form of song with set structure. But as I’ve just mentioned the answer is nowhere near that simple.

I think it would be neat if you guys would (if you wanted to of course) respond to my response or write your own response to the initial question on these posts as well. Just write those responses in the comments section of this post.